Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Clippy - Day 2

As clippy continues to bestow his knowledge and observations unto P, our subject seems to be adapting, or so I thought. It appears that P, much like with the Tron, prefers to bottle his frustrations until no more can be contained and a geyser of concentrated frustration, profanity, and much needed criticism is erupted onto all in the vicinity. Of course, if I'm not in the vicinity, I am quickly summoned.

P: M!
Me: What?
Me: WHAT, dude?
P: Get it off!
Me: What?
P: The paperclip! He won't shut up.
( to computer now ) SHUT UP!!!!
Me: The Office guy?
P: YES! He started saying stupid $h&* all the time!
Me: I think there was an update or something.
P: God dammit! I KNOW MY COMPUTER IS ON!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Clippy - Day 1

In the interest of science, I have decided that another experiment should befall our favorite unwitting subject, P. In traditional M manner, I have chosen to find the thresholds of annoyance. Of course, I would never do such a thing solely for my own amusement, this is for the betterment of mankind ( I don't know how yet, but I'm sure it has to be ).

Enter Clippy. Clippy is a Desktop program. It imitates that dumb paperclip guy that pops up and tells you to save your document or that by right clicking you can unravel a magical world of excting Office options. Clippy, however, is not as helpful and tends to just make observations such as;
"You appear to be connected to the internet"
"I see that you have been using your mouse"
"Your computer seems to be turned on"
"Background processing has rated your typing speed to be below normal"

As for our first day, Clippy has been set to pop up every minute, and so far has elicited such gems as "I F&%*ING KNOW! Why is this thing telling me this!" "I HATE YOU!!" and "I think he's out to get me"

Priceless. How long will this last? We shall see.

P.S. I found Clippy here;
Knock yourselves out.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Everywhere, like..such as....maps

P: M! Have you heard about the Bohemian Grove?
M: No, P. I haven't.
P: All the world leaders go there once a year and worship a giant owl.
M: Where is it?
P: It's in northern California.
M: Where in northern California?
P: Oregon.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm confused

P: M! So...I didn't change your last name in my phone.
Me: That makes sense, P. I haven't changed my last name.
P: Yeah.
Me: Why is that news? What else haven't you done?

What makes a P a P?

Ok, the humor of this one might be lost on others, but I have to post it because it is a perfect example of what makes him "P". There was no thinking involved, this was his reflex answer.

Me: So, P. If you had a dog what would you name it?
P: Gisseppe.

Not Max, not Jake, not Buddy, Shadow, Lucky or Duke. Gisseppe. Awesome.

A Whole New World

P: I like your jacket.
Me: Thanks, dude.
P: Yeah, you can go to the movies with it.
Me: Wow. I never thought of that. I wonder what else I can do now. Thanks.
P: No problem.