Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Reader Response Number the First

Some responses to questions, comments, and emails.

"You have got to be making this s*&t up."
Nope. Sometimes I create atmosphere ( Tron, Pennies, etc. ), but all this happened.

"You have to be the most boring and humorless roommate ever" -Caitlin
Ouch. Well, then don't live with me. Oh, and I hate you.

"What happened with the pennies!?"
Well, someone came over and said, "WTF is up with all these pennies?" That kinda spoiled the surprise for P. He scratched his head and pointed them out to me a bunch ( post "Effing pay dirt" ), but the experiment was halted then.

"You're the weird one, P is an evil genius"
You have no idea how happy that would make me. If I found out he was playing me this whole time.....I giggle with school girl glee just thinking about it.

"You spelled x wrong, you used the wrong tense of y"
It's an effing blog, not a grammar text book, so go away.

"I thought you were a woman too"
Hmmm. Guess things like "school girl glee" aren't helping my cause are they? I AM a dude.

"Can I link to you?"
Why not?

"Do I know you, you sound like blah?"
Maybe. How many Matts in Los Angeles do you know?

"Post a picture!"
Anonymity is P's friend.

"Sounds like P is dangerous"
Nah. He's not the kind of crazy to put on a ball gown and torch the building or something. Just unique.

"You're an idiot, it's not Canadia"
HAHAHAHA. Yeah, I'M the idiot. Dumbass.

If I missed any, email me. I'll get them next round.


Unknown said...

Oh dear lord! you are a smart one!I love your snarky responses to hater emails. This entire post made me giggle with school girl glee. Yes, I AM a girl.

Anonymous said...

Is P ill? I am concerned about him, considering you haven't posted anything on him lately. I hope he hasn't been to the doc to get meds to become "normal".

Anonymous said...

i love you. marry me?

Anonymous said...

Caitlin only wishes she had a roommate as cool as you and P.

Unknown said...

Let me start by saying that I thoroughly enjoy your site. It isn't very often that a website finds its way into my bookmarks...In fact, yours is one of four. I look forward to new posts.

Also, it would be nice if you could describe P and/or yourself physically as to paint a better picture of each scenario.

Oh, and I have a friend almost exactly like what I understand P to be like, so I don't at all doubt the validity of your conversations.

Bar Sinister Prime. said...

I'm actually with jonathan on the description thing.

I do occassionally fear that my roly-poly unibrowed image of P could be completely wrong.

Also. He might not have the serious skin issues my mind assumes that he does.

Anonymous said...

Geez! What's up with all the mean comments? This site is hillarious! There are a lot of dense people out there, I love you're response to the Canadia thing! I love your blog- it's in my favorites and I check everyday for new P developments! my new favorite is the Puss in Boots Ain't Got Shit on me- "You're eyes- they're huge!!!!" ROTFLMAO!!!! Keep it coming-screw the haters!

letters to you said...

Personally, i love your blog but i wish you posted more! Your interactions w/P are simply delightful. And this little post was quite amusing....apparently you're getting marriage proposals. You'd have to thank P for making that happen.

Anonymous said...

"You're an idiot, it's not Canadia"
HAHAHAHA. Yeah, I'M the idiot. Dumbass.

omg, talk about not getting the joke...are you sure that wasnt P himself stumbled across the website and not realised it was about him? O_O

(o yes and in your reponse to marriage proposals, add me as one who asks!)

Anonymous said...

I've been having P-story withdrawals, but your responses to the hater emails ALMOST make up for it.

Anonymous said...

^_^ great answers, especially to that canadia stuff. love the blog and i cant wait for P's next antaics. the other night i literally read the entire blog out loud to my friends and they were all laughing histarically. great blog ^_^

but i think you should be a little kinder nevt time he wants a ride to get some pot - maybe its the only thing that keeps him sane hahaha

Anonymous said...

Oh, marry me instead...

Unknown said...

Well done! This is excellent documentation of queer socialization patterns. Hopefully, come August, I'll have a submission or two for you. Keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

I love you too! You have such big beautiful eyes!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Your roomie sounds very creepily simular to my best friend so many ways I almost think you're living with him...Justin's from Canada think it might be something in the water? Or do they just teach their kid's this in school, I say this because when making the trip to Kitchener to meet his family on holidays...I notice they were all like that...Someone should really experiment on that theory.

Anonymous said...

Just keep doing what you are doing.
It's good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you get negative e-mail about your blog. I check in daily to see the latest installment of the adventures of M & P. Don't let them get you down. Just keep blogging on.

What happened with the trons? Did P find out about them like he did the pennies?

Nick W. said...

Dude your blog is great! I can't wait to see what P did for the 4th.

Anonymous said...

Roxanna said...
Hmm. Your roomie sounds very creepily simular to my best friend so many ways I almost think you're living with him...Justin's from Canada think it might be something in the water? Or do they just teach their kid's this in school, I say this because when making the trip to Kitchener to meet his family on holidays...I notice they were all like that...Someone should really experiment on that theory

I"m from canada, and I consider myself to be fairly um... normal... and theres nothing in the water, lol. some canadians, like some americans, are just idiots... and crazy... and yeah... just not f-ing right, lol. and as far as his family goes, often the apple doesnt fall far from the tree - goddamn those 'tards that make canadia appear to be an idiot farm... anyway, I love this blog also, and I hope P never gets normal... crazy people make life too much fun ( the safe crazies, not the psycho killer crazies... lol)

Anonymous said...

I Luff Canadia,

Oh don't get me wrong, I love his random craziness! It's what makes him fun to be around, he has is almost psychotic moments...but they are all seemingly hilarious.His family is really funny too, I guess you have to have a neverending since of humor to totally be able to stand all of it. Though Justin's obsession with "4x4in'" and "skitters" is kind of...annoying..and I don't know what any of it means.. But it's kind of adorable in it's own...weird way.

But yes,I think P sounds interesting to say the least, even though he's a tad on the wacky side, I'm sure you guys have lots of laughs together(or enjoy laughing at him), and it'd be quiet without him!

Anonymous said...

I work with a crazy, but I turned him on to your site so now I can't post any of his antics.

Seems like P is a pretty good wingman with all those proposals you're getting. :)

Anonymous said...

I went to school with P's doppleganger. he really wanted to be invisble, "man, if i was invisible...", he would often say. and several times he would just stare into space for a long time and follow it up with a quite "...that won't work." i could only hope he was thinking about a perpetual motion machine made from cheetos or something.

Anonymous said...

To the poster above:

If he's recounting factual events that happened then how is that mean?

Besides, the author is obviously keeping P's identity hidden.

But I do feel the author is being mean to the rest of us by not posting more 'P' Stories. Get on it dude!

Anonymous said...

I just nearly died of shock and pissed myself laughing at the same time. This is just like what happened to me!!! Except my roommate had OCD and wouldn't allow me to eat in our room so it was a little more annoying (and this was in a single-room dorm, mind you). "Um... I don't know how to say this, but the room smells like taco." Yeah, that's because I just finished a huge plate of nachos! Fancy that! It smells like food when you have food!!!

Anyhow, I love your blog! It's great, and it reminds me that I did not suffer alone with a psycho roommate... :)



SubMonkey said...

I've turned all my friends onto your blog, it's a massive hit at work! Never leave P, it's the sunshine of our lives!

Anonymous said...


Hallucinations are not required for Schizophrenia.

He could be preparing to be Schizophrenic soon.

How old is P?

Unknown said...

Fun new experiments:

Get a P.O. Box and have the mail from it forwarded to your house. Publish the P.O. Box number, and have people send him cards. Better yet, envelopes with only pennies. Or lint. Or used stamps. Milk caps... something really weird.

If you can handle it, invite the Mormon Missionaries over to talk with him. Sign him up for some religious magazines.

Make Ex-lax brownies, leave them on the counter, and see if he eats any. If he asks, tell him there's Ex-lax in them, and see if he eats one anyway.

Hard-boil an egg, take the shell off, and then hide it in the house (the bathroom). After a while, it'll get ripe, and then you can deny the smell.

Send him flowers at work from a secret admirer. I'll even contribute to the cost of the flowers. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love you, too. Weird.

Betsy said...

Out of curiosity, what do you do? You're obviously a student or former student and work in an office. But how does pot-smoking, conspiracy theory ranting, bike-crashing P work there, too? The disparity between intelligence levels seems oddly great.

Anonymous said...

marry me instead.....oh, youre a guy. nevermind!! ;)

reading through, I missed what the crack was with the pennies [what you was doing with them, where they were placed].

I will submit some of the things one of my flatmates comes out with.

Onece, when my other flatmate and I were watching "Coast" [docu-series about the UK coastline]. When they were going from Bournemouth to Torbay, he stated absolutely, "Bournemouth has the only sandy beach in the uk" [despite the show being at another sandy beach further along the coast] and my other flatmate and I said no and started to name loads of other sandy beaches. He stormed up to his room and stared playing music really loud!!

Anonymous said...

How does P respond when you just suddenly blurt out laughing after one of his genius comments?

Anonymous said...


Huge fan of your blog dude - it's good fun without injuries - keep up the great work!

Your non-sayers are just jealous because you have P and they don't! LOL


TGG ;-)

Anonymous said...

The surreal part about this blog is that where I'm from (new zealand) P is a common name for Pure Methamphetamine. So basically, all I get from this is "ITS THE DRUGS TALKING!"

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with that and what previous commentors have said:

P sounds like he self medicates and while it is a concern, its also great fun when he spouts the inane comments that really arent that different from the shit that a lot of people on drugs come out with.

With P, they are just funny.

Anonymous said...

Does P know you blog? Obviously not about him, but just a blog in general?

Jennifer said...

this blog is fantastic.
i love you!