Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ok, ok, a P story

Ive decided that today's post is going to be themed. Phone calls, to be precise. Here are two phone calls I've received in the last couple of days that left me with a general feeling of "Did he really just call me for that?"

This one came in at about midnight on a school night.

Me: Hello?
P: M!
Me: P? You ok?
P: My car! The key is stuck in the ignition!
Me: Ummm, ok. Where are you?
P: At N's house.
Me: What? You're at a house?
P: I don't know what to do!
Me: Call AAA, dude.
P: Yeah, that's what N said to do.
Me: Dude! What do you think I can do that AAA can't?
P: Ummm, yeah, so I'll call them.
Me: Uh, yeah. Seriously, P.

I was not the only person telling this tale of woe the next day, apparently the cell phone network was all a flutter with P's distress signals, the last of which went to AAA...

Phone call number two....

Me: Bueno.
P: M! It's P!
Me: What's up, P?
P: I can't connect to the internet!
Me: Oh, you at the office? Is it down?
P: No, I'm at home.
P: What do I do?!
Me: Figure it out.
P: Listen, listen. M. I can't get to Google.
Me: Dude, just reset or something.
Me: I'm eating, P. You'll survive.
P: Fine. Fine. I guess I'll just figure it out or just have no internet.
Me: Martyr much?
P: What?
Me: Nothing, I'll talk to you later.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Reader Response Number the First

Some responses to questions, comments, and emails.

"You have got to be making this s*&t up."
Nope. Sometimes I create atmosphere ( Tron, Pennies, etc. ), but all this happened.

"You have to be the most boring and humorless roommate ever" -Caitlin
Ouch. Well, then don't live with me. Oh, and I hate you.

"What happened with the pennies!?"
Well, someone came over and said, "WTF is up with all these pennies?" That kinda spoiled the surprise for P. He scratched his head and pointed them out to me a bunch ( post "Effing pay dirt" ), but the experiment was halted then.

"You're the weird one, P is an evil genius"
You have no idea how happy that would make me. If I found out he was playing me this whole time.....I giggle with school girl glee just thinking about it.

"You spelled x wrong, you used the wrong tense of y"
It's an effing blog, not a grammar text book, so go away.

"I thought you were a woman too"
Hmmm. Guess things like "school girl glee" aren't helping my cause are they? I AM a dude.

"Can I link to you?"
Why not?

"Do I know you, you sound like blah?"
Maybe. How many Matts in Los Angeles do you know?

"Post a picture!"
Anonymity is P's friend.

"Sounds like P is dangerous"
Nah. He's not the kind of crazy to put on a ball gown and torch the building or something. Just unique.

"You're an idiot, it's not Canadia"
HAHAHAHA. Yeah, I'M the idiot. Dumbass.

If I missed any, email me. I'll get them next round.