Saturday, June 2, 2007

If you're friends with P, well then you're friends with me

I have to admit, I've just been waiting to use that tag line. I'm a media whore, so what? Well, anyways, apparently the blog is quite popular amongst those who know the P and here's a submission from a mutual acquaintance.

J, S and M2 sitting in a room....

P: Is it true that a yeast infection smells like brussel sprouts?
P: Brussel sprouts, I have no experience.
S: Umm....Yeah, exactly like that.
J: I mean, yeah, you didn't know that?
P: Ok. So those are the long green things with the stuff at the end?
M2: No, that's asparagus, they're like small round things with a bunch of leaves.
P: OH! Miniature cabbage!
J: Yeah, they look like that.
P: No, that's what it's actually called.
M2: No, it's brussel sprouts.
P: Umm, no, in Canada we call it the real name, miniature cabbage.
M2: You serious? You're fucking with us.
P: No. If you guys don't know it's not my fault.
J: So if I go to Canada and ask for "miniature cabbage" I'll get that?
P: Well, don't know anything!!!!
* storms out of the room *
J: Wow. I'm writing that one down.


Anonymous said...

FYI, here in Canada we do indeed call them 'Brussles Sprouts'. I've never heard of them called anything else.

Anhoni Patel said...

Yeast infections smell like brussel sprouts? ew.

Anonymous said...

Yeast infections smell like baking bread. Duh.

Anonymous said...

It's Brussels sprouts. As in the city. And I am from Canadia. My guess is this guy never actually visited the produce section.

Anonymous said...

actually - yeast infection don't smell like anything. Or aren't supposed to. If they do you prolly don't have a yeast infection!
Anyhow - we laugh at this blog every day at work - we all have psycho roommates too, just wish ours were less harmful and more comical as yours!

Not tellin' you my name ... said...

I almost peed myself when I read the, "well, in Canada" line. We have a man working with us who is from Canada and will tell you that every moment he can. We've started a jar so that we can put a quarter in every time we hear the words, "well, IN CANADA" uttered.

Wow, this post made my day, eh?

steph said...

I love your blog too, but right now I’m just totally digging the Rentals reference! THAT is not something you come by every day.

P said...

Am also a fan of the Rentals AND my name ALSO starts with a P. Krazytime!

This blog is hilarious. I am linking to you right nowstyles.

Anonymous said...

I came to say oh my god, I make THE EXACT SAME MISTAKE with brussels sprouts and asparagus - I always think they're the same for a few seconds - but MINATURE CABBAGE? i am so happy to be me!

but i must add that if your genitalia smell like bread or beer, and they also itch like hell and you might even have some of that funky discharge going on, you probably have a yeast infection. they don't always have an odor, but they often do in vaginas, at least, so check it.

Anonymous said...

okay, the previous post to me - WAY TOO MUCH INFO - I'm totally feelin ill!!

Demian J Curran said...

Holy eeffFF .. this is a hilarious blog. I linky !

Unknown said...

But, what about in Canada speaking French? Pretty sure they've got "cabbage" in the name.

For example, this article from Toronto, making a pun on the French word for cabbage in an article about Brussels sprouts:

Toronto Life: The Chou Fits

Anonymous said...

Whether this guy is Canadian, American or whatever, he is seriously deranged. I would not be surprised if we read about this guy pulling a clock tower sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

"Petit chou", literally "small cabbage", is indeed french for brussels sprouts. Now either you, the host of this blog, are covering up the fact that this guy's first language is French for the sake making all this much funnier, or he, either being embarrassed of his origins or simply trying really hard to assimilate, is covering up the fact that his first language is French. Either way, someone is playing dumb here.

Anonymous said...

Or the guy simply lives near french speakers and it was called that...or he is a nutcase. You haven't met either of these people, who are you to make assumptions?

Anonymous said...

Ummm... I'm from Montreal and Brussels Sprouts are "choux de bruxelles" in French. Literally "cabbage from Brussels".

I've never heard them called Petit Chou and I was raised in a French-Canadian home.

This guy P is unbalanced to say the least and is making Canadians look like morons!