Sunday, May 27, 2007


Yet another glorious outburst by P. God bless the weekend. There is a Monk-Morial day marathon on, and P just isn't down with our American school jargon.

Lt. Discher: Monk is coming up, it was Trudy's Alma Mater
Lt. Stottlemayer: Great.
P: What the FUCK!
P: Alma Mater?! Phi beta kappa phi phi beta!
P: What's wrong with you Americans? Making up words all the time?!
Me: It's Latin, and Greek. You guys don't have that?
P: What the F*&^ is Alma Mater?! Think you're sooooo cool with you're FU*(ing words!
Me: It just means you graduated from somewhere, it's vocab, dude.
P: Whatever, where I'm from, we say what we mean.
Me: Wow, taking it a little personal, aren't you?
P: You guys are just trying to make everyone else feel dumb with your secret language.
Me: Latin is the basis of nearly every European language, it's no secret.
P: Well, then....phi beta beta phi phi beta, you guys are dumb.
Me: It's ok, P, we'll get you a hot dog.
P: Weinershnitzel?
Me: Sure.
P: Ok.


Anonymous said...

Where is P from that they don't use Latin?

And since you mentioned both Buffalo Bill and Monk today, it should be noted that Ted Levine who plays Captain Stottlemayer on Monk also was Buffalo Bill in the Silence of the Lambs.

wily said...

My first response to a comment comes here, because, I never made that connection before. Thanks for the edumacation.

Anonymous said...

So... seriously, do you think somewhere P has a blog about his gullible flatmate? Or maybe you're a private experiment for some university study?

I'm quite intrigued. It's just so hard to believe he's this fu(*ed up.

wily said...


Anonymous said...

I hope you sleep with your door locked.

jesse said...

rofl, Matt, you are hilarious! I'm impressed with how you make the most of your interactions by egging P on. Keep bloggin this shiz. Any continuation of the penny war or tron-a-thon?

Anonymous said...

Just found your site last week. Am completely in love with it. I can totally relate as I've got a crazy roommie of my own.

Anonymous said...

his "hot dog fix" is just too funny!

God what a tool!! LOL

Anonymous said...

uh, alpha beta gamma delta etc is the Greek alphabet. Latin is Roman.

Lizzy said...

This is now my new favorite saying: "phi beta beta phi phi beta, you guys are dumb"

HAHAHAHA A friend sent me this blog, and I LOVE it! : )

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. "Weinerschnitzel" is just too good a punch line. P must have found the opportunity just too irrestistably funny. But a moment of weakness, and now we know for sure that P is the one running the experiment. Probably a regular commenter to this blog, too.

duncan said...

I have a "friend" exactly like this.
I actually thought this might have been another friend writing the blog as he now lives with this guy. This incident is almost exactly the same as one I had to endure recently.
Hands across the divide and all that jazz, my heart goes out to you...

villageofmany said...

I am laughing so hard after starting at the beginning, I think you're blog is giving me an asthma attack.

atomica said...