Thursday, May 24, 2007

He can read minds!

P: You know, when I'm stoned, I can tell what people are thinking.
D: Really? How?
P: Like when someone starts a sentence, I know how it's going to end.
D: Wow. So if you were stoned, you would be able to tell me the end of this; "You are a fucking..."
P: Ummm.......THE MAN!
D: Whoa. You're right, I was going to say "You are a fucking The Man".
P: I told you.


S.$$$ said...

solid gold humour at someone elses expense!
Hey btw: when are you going to explain more about te pennies?

Anonymous said...

Is it normal to want to bang my own head against the wall after reading P's response? lol I love this blog!

Lo said...

Great blog! You really can't make shit like this up can favorite are the social experiments.
More Please!!

Anonymous said...

It's official! I can't get enough of this shit! Thanks! LOL


Anonymous said...


funny cunt