Monday, May 28, 2007

George Lucas ain't got nothin'

P: Hey...hey.
Me: Yes?
P: Talk to me.
Me: HA! You're a girl. About what?
P: Did I ever tell you about my movie?
Me: Nope.
P: I'm going to make a movie. It's about a spaceman, in space.
Me: Ok.
P: He falls out of the spaceship and he floats between planets.
Me: A dude just floats by himself in space?
P: Yeah, he has food and water and air. Cool, huh?
Me: Yeah, but you might want to add some action to it.
P: Well, maybe he gets picked up by humans.
Me: Why humans? Aliens!
P: Aliens are everywhere.
Me: I know. Dude, there's one outside right now!
C' can only see aliens with infrared.
Me: Infrared?
( Looks at me like I am the most un-informed human on the planet )
P: Uh, yeah, because they're usually cloaked.
Me: Cloaked!?
P: Yeah, but even if they're not, they move too fast, you wouldn't be able to see them anyways.
Me: Like Superman!
P: No, Superman is fantasy, c'mon.
Me: Right, we're talking about the REAL beings from another planet that move faster than a speeding bullet.
P: Right.
Me: Do they do anything cool like solve crimes or something?
P: You know what, you never take this seriously.
Me: Sorry.
P: Yeah, just wait until they come, then you WILL be sorry, cause I'll be prepared and you won't.


Anonymous said...

wow P sounds crazy! you better start sleeping with a knife under your pillow or he might shank you in your sleep..........

Anonymous said...

This blog saved my day

Marty said...

omg, P is a F'n Freak, love it! This dude is always making my day a tad bit brighter, and I say, Thank GOD for P!

Anonymous said...

Bless your courage... living with P would make me scared outta my head.

Btw.. .you have been tagged for the 8 things meme by the Rock and Roll Librarian Good luck

Anonymous said...

Hilarious stuff

Erik Curtis said...
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Erik Curtis said...

I see a movie script in here

Anonymous said...

is p hot?!
i dig him

Steve L. said...

this blog is fantastic. glad i stumbled on it. keep the posts coming.

Anonymous said...

OMG this guy is a serious nutcase..

its hilarious though. I agree with karen re the knife under the pillow just in case :)

Anonymous said...

(kristie said...

is p hot?!
i dig him )

Girlfriend - PLEASE tell me u r kidding right! LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking this guy is doomed to be alone for life. Who would ever marry him, etc. Lo and behold... there really IS someone for eveyone!

randi said...

"Me: HA! You're a girl. About what?"

this confuses me.

Jane Doe said...

He's GOT to be pulling your chain. Maybe he gets off on trippin' you out. hahah

lostworld_me said...

He's for real?!!? How cool is this?!?! Lucky you!!!!