Monday, April 23, 2007

Performance Anxiety

P: When I was 16, I used to work handing out pretzel pieces in the mall.
Me: That sounds like fun.
P: Yeah, there was this girl there that I liked, so I told her I could move things with my mind.
Me: That would do it for me.
P: She asked me to show her.
Me: Well, yeah.
P: See, but I told her that because I thought I really could if I tried hard enough.
Me: Did you show her?
P: Oh, it ended up I couldn't do it, so I told her I'd show her later. It sucked.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he was just preoccupied with not shitting in his pants (in reference to another "P" anecdote).

Literally, just stumbled across this today and, no kidding, the funniest thing on the internet. Bar none! I don't care if it is real or not. This is the best!

Anonymous said...

Guys use that line on me all the time! hahahahha (j/k)