Friday, March 30, 2007

The Tron Project - DAY 6

We have a nibble!! Two Trons and 6 days later, we're starting to get some reaction from P. Just when I was starting to believe that I would need to start taking lithium to continue the experiment, P has begun making what I can only describe as "dog jerks it's head after hearing something" movements when the Tron chirps. The P is confused. Looking to me for a reaction, and of course finding none, P returns to his video game after each chirp. Well done Tron, well done. To avoid scaring off P, I've deactivated the Trons until tomorrow when after their rest, they will return to full annoyance levels.

In addition to Tron success, the P was gracious enough to reveal another one of his superpowers to a group of us today at lunch.

P: You know, being able to move things with your mind, it's real.
Me: Ok. Here's my drink, dude, move it.
P: Well, I can't do that, all I can do is make small clouds dissappear.
Me: That has got to be the coolest superpower I've ever heard of. Do it! Do it!
R: There's no clouds.
J: Damn, you are good.


Anonymous said...

He He - you are kidding me right?

Anonymous said...

His stupidity is kinda sad...

Unknown said...

Haha I love P. He comes up with the most odd things.

MrHappyGoLucky said...

For the record, you can make small clouds disappear with your mind.


Okay, okay, you can't *really* make small clouds disappear with your mind, it's an old magician's trick.

It's pretty neat with the correct presentation and you know, if you're not clearly insane.

Anonymous said...

I work with psychotic patients at times. One of the assessment questions I use is: "Do you ever hear things others don't?"

One day, some doctor will ask him that too... and probably end up putting him on heavy duty meds.

alilbit said...

Haven't been here before but definitely put it on my favorites list~Lmboo very funny and creative

alilbit said...

Added you to my favorites~Hysterical stuff Lmbooo