Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Tron Project - DAY 4

The Tron experiment is not going as planned. P is not noticing the beeps unless all external stimuli is ceased. Everyone else within 100 feet of the Tron notices, but not P. It's ok, this is why it's called an experiment. It seems that the parameters of our independent variable in this project need a little re-thinking. So, we shall start anew with my first correction tonight. Two Trons! Another Tron is slated to be added "somewhere" in the house tonight. Will P notice? We shall see.

In other news, the penny collection is steadily growing. Again, I have greatly underestimated P's ability to live in his own universe, oblivious to external stimulus. Luckily, this experiment has a definite end as at some point, P will no longer be able to move around freely as the pennys slowly overtake him. As results come in, so will updates and details.

As for the wireless tragedy of 07, I eventually caved. Am I kind and gentle P sypathizer? No, I could not take the whining anymore.

P: We really need to talk about our problems at home.
Me: What?
P: The wireless issue. I think we should talk this out.
Me: Not the time, dude. I'm in the middle of a project.
( oh yeah, this is all taking place in my office at work )
P: Are you thinking that maybe we shouldn't live together anymore?
Me: Oh my God, get out.
P: I just want you to talk to me like you talk to M!!

...Later that night.....

Me: So, you are saying you want me to switch the encryption back, break my ability to connect to the web, to connect to work, to connect to anything, and do all this so that you can play your video game?
P: You're going to do it?!
Me: I just wanted to see if you would say yes. That's amazing.
P: It is amazing! Thank you!
Me: Not what I meant....But ok. Fine, if it gets you to stop talking about it.

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