Monday, March 26, 2007

The Tron Project - DAY 3

The Tron was put into place, reactivated, and happily playing it's role by chirping away when a disaster fell upon P. There are a few things in this life that just can't happen to him without a complete shutdown of his system ( from my experience, this consists of pacing, questioning the existence of God, then curling up in the fetal position ). I have seen this before during an interruption in his "mail", and now added to that, a wireless internet connection outage. This leads to the horrible injustice at the house that was the Great Wireless Tragedy of 07.

Now, this wasn't on purpose. It just so happens that I have been sans Internet connectivity for a couple months now due to a re-vamping of my laptop to a new operating system ( I'll spare you non-geeks out there the details ). Today I decided to get my shite together and get up and running but this meant a new driver and a switch to a different encryption on my Linksys. This broke little P's wireless. For some reason his computer doesn't want to accept the switch, and mine just won't function the other way, which left us in a old fashioned Eastwood-esque pistols at sunrise situation.

P: Why'd you change it? It worked before.
Me: Mine didn't work before.
P: But now mine doesn't work.
Me: But now mine does work.
P: But they say if the wheel...doesn't get broke...why fix it? Change it back.
Me: Dude, I pay for it. We'll fix yours later.

Check and mate. P set out calling every technical company he could think of all giving him the same answer "It's not our problem, and why are you calling us when you don't even have our service?" Defeated, P retired to his chair conceding to the fact that the world just isn't a decent place.

Yes, I will help P figure out how to set up his machine, just not at 11:30 on a school night.
Needless to say, the Tron did not even approach showing up on his radar. Tonight was most definitely not the slam.

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becstar said...

I love that he called companies he wasn't hooked up with. That's just brilliant...