Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Superhero Roommate

Ok, when things are in all caps, it's because he is yelling at the top of his lungs. He gets very, very angry at the television. At random things like this, and for some odd reason Sonic Burger commercials.

Watching T.V. - Some guy jumps off of a bridge and commits suicide.

Me: What?
P: He jumped into water, that wouldn't do anything! That's so STUPID! GOD!
Me: Dude, water will kill you.
P: Not if you fall in it. Haven't you ever gone swimming before?
Me: Are you serious? He jumped off a bridge that was like 200 feet over the water.
P: Doesn't matter.
Me: Water gets hard when you speed up, dude.
P: No it doesn't.
Me: It doesn't? You're saying it just doesn't?
P: I could jump out of a plane, and glide, and then when I got to water, I would skip across it, and then be fine.
Me: Wow.
P: Yeah. It's all in the mind, like if you fall off a building and you think you're going to break your leg, you break your leg.
P: Dude, are you serious with this stuff?
P: What do you mean?
Me: How are you still alive?


Anonymous said...

i think that he has a point about the breaking the leg thing. i recall an article mentioning that if you know you're falling to your death, your body tenses at the thought of impact. the fact that ur body is tightened and tense, means the impact will surely shatter your bones. if you have control over your mind, instincts and fear, perhaps you can prevent major damage.

however, that crap about skimming the water-- now, that's freakin insane.

Anonymous said...

Not really, if you're falling at 120mph and hit the ground, you're gonna die.

Anonymous said...

jane doe and p should date and have lots of babies. NOT.

Anonymous said...

you do prevent some damage by relaxing your body before impact (i.e. why drunk drivers often come out of accidents alive), that's simple physics, but I seriously doubt that's what P meant...and if you fall off a building, regardless of how relaxed you are, you are definitely going to break your legs.