Thursday, March 22, 2007

His heart will go on

So I guess it's over. No more J for our crazy friend P. After lunch sometime last week, we were getting out of her car and P was outside on one of his half-hourly smoke breaks;

P: Hey, J, is that your car?
J: No, P, I stole that car. Damn. I almost got away with it too.
P: Ok.
Me: Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Well, that was quite the event in the world of P.

P: I'm over J.
Me: You are?
P: Yeah. I'm going to admit it, I had a thing for her.
Me: No way!
P: Yeah, I did.
Me: You hid it well.
P: I know, but after today, it's over.
Me: Today?
P: Yeah, that car thing.
Me: It was a joke, and it was funny, get over it.
P: No, women shouldn't talk to me like that.
Me: Yeah, they should know their place. Well, that's too bad, I hope that some day she'll heal.

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