Monday, January 22, 2007

Grassy Knoll

P: Hey, you don't believe that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK do you?
Me: Yeah.
P: I thought you were smarter than that, haven't you seen JFK?
Me: That was a movie. He was a fricken' military marksman and had scope, not that hard of a shot.
P: JFK says it was someone on the grassy knoll.
Me: Well, if a Kevin Costner movie says so, it must be true.


Anonymous said...

No one actually believes Oswald killed JFK, right? At least not alone?

jm said...

LOL awesome

Anonymous said...

JFK was OBVIOUSLY a coup d'etat, folks. Do some research. Quoth the comedian Bill Hicks: "Back, and to the left."

Other than that, this guy is a riot.

Anonymous said...

What're you talking about? Oswald was almost dismissed from the military for being a terrible marksman....