Friday, January 26, 2007

Dudes just don't say that to other dudes

Him: I'm really glad you're my roommate.
Me: Thanks.
Him: Of all the people to be roommates with, I'm glad it was you.
Me: Thanks.
Him: If you had a vagina...
Me: Do NOT finish that sentence, dude.
Him: Ok.

Well, now the evidence is all over the place, so a tally I shall keep.

Man crush theory: 4
The I have a crush on J story: 1


Anonymous said...

Might consider a LOCK for your door sweets! He's creepy - careful!

Unknown said...

OMG.. seriously.. you're making this shit up right?

Thy said...



Jenni King said...

i am DYING here. This is why i don't have roommates.