Monday, January 15, 2007

Don Juan

Sweet relief. P has shown interest in a coworker so the man crush theory has been put away for now, in my book at least. There are some who aren't convinced yet, but I'm an optimist. Anyways, in traditional P style, the whole scenario is playing out and way more interesting in his head than real life.

P: You know J, right?
Me: Yeah.
P: She's so hot, I think we're getting too familiar though.
Me: Ummm. What?
P: Yeah, I've got to keep the mystery alive.
Me: Yeah, that'll do it.
P: You know, I think I've got a chance.
Me: I dunno.
P: I do, if I'm mysterious it will just happen.
Me: I'm sure it will.

"Too familiar" refers to the fact that she almost made eye contact with him at a group lunch once. At least it's not me.

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