Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Brokeback Roommate

P: Do you know what would be fun?
Me: What?
P: If we got some wood for the fireplace, ordered in, and watched a movie together.
Me: ...
P: Don't you think?
Me: ...That's weird dude.

Man crush theory back? Needy? "Different" relationships with guy friends in the past? I don't know, I just don't know.


Anonymous said...

I thought this blog would be funny, I found it through, which is a veritable treasure trove of hilarity. you sound like the most humorless and boring roommate ever.

Anonymous said...

Get a life Caitlin; this shit is hilarious. If you don't think this is funny, look in the mirror before you start throwing around the word "humorless"

Anonymous said...

Holy crap at both of you. It's a blog, and this is the internet.

Maybe you could both get over yourselves, and deal with the fact that the internet is public domain?? Because that'd be great.

Anyway, this is pretty funny stuff, although I think your roommate actually sounds pretty interesting, crazy yes, but interesting.

Nikaras said...