Wednesday, January 24, 2007


P: Obama is the anti-christ.
Me: Are you serious?
P: Yeah, Nostrodamus said Amabu would be the anti-christ and Obama backwards is amabo - really close.
Me: Wow.

It's at this point that I think that jotting these gems down for my own personal amusement isn't good enough and is born.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! This guy is WAY out there! LOL

Unknown said...

I'm watching a show right now about how Nostradamus wasn't even trying to make predictions but rather making comments about events in his lifetime.It was a tricky way of not getting arrested for making bad comments about the government.

Adam Johnson said...

what's better is that amabo is latin for 'i will love'.

Thy said...

well 'love' is evol backwords.

Anonymous said...

Wow, please don't let this guy go - he's priceless !

Anonymous said...

Atleast your roommates are entertaining. Mine are just slob's mixed with many irritation factors!